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Phone: 301-608-9077
2425 L Street NW #224
Washington, DC 20037

John Bogley, Senior Webcast Encoder/TD-Live Webcasting Professional

In 2000, John Bogley joined MTI on a full time basis starting in video production and then serving as a webcast technician. John is now the senior webcast technician for MTI and has served as the primary technician on most of the NTIA events. John has provided live webcasting for the IMF, George Washington University , NSBA, NOAA, DOJ, IDESG, BIS, USAToday, SEC, and Microsoft among many others. He runs the encoders as well as coordinates with the streaming service providers and venue IT personnel to make sure that the proper connectivity is available and there are no issues sending a stream passed the firewall, out of the building and to the live audience.

He is versed in Windows Media, Flash and mobile device delivery as well as writing the embed code needed to implement the proper player(s) in the client’s website. John’s experience in codecs, formats, networks, streaming servers and browser compatibility makes him one of the premiere webcast technicians in this industry. His background in video production, specifically directing and camera operation, makes him an indispensible team member and helps provide continuity from event to event. John believes in always having a backup approach available and is as dependable as they come. As “our man in the field”, he always presents himself professionally and with a calm and collected demeanor. .