Hall of Famer Darrell Green Virtual Streaming Workout for Centene Convention NAMD Wellness Challenge

Metro Teleproductions Inc collaborated with  Centene  www.centene.com, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame to produce a virtual workout featuring Pro Football Hall of Famer Darrell Green from the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC.  

Video Production: Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C.

The video production was produced at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. Directors of Videography Ben Wong and Jamie Sides shot with Canon C 300 Mark II’s .  Gary Black provided audio which consisted of a wireless lav on Darrell Green and the boom. Tony Winthrop was the lead gaffer on the project.

This was the first ever NAMD Wellness Challenge which brought together participants from across the country for a virtual ride, run, stretching or yoga.

Green and 3 young assistants  went thru a variety of exercises in the segment which is designed for people of all ages.

Bill Parks edited the 50 minute video overnight which was shown during Centene’s convention that was held virtually because of the Corona Virus.




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