Webcasting, Live Streaming, Hybrid/Virtual Events

Webcasting, Live Streaming, Hybrid/Virtual Events2022-11-10T14:12:21-05:00

Fasano Longevity Conference:
2 Camera

TSCA Basics: Vimeo,
1 Camera with PowerPoints

VA Tech
1 Camera YouTube

Pro Football Hall of Fame:
Multi Camera Live Stream, Live Audience

German Marshall Fund

New Georgia Project
Pull Up For Voting Rights

Tax Foundation
Multi Camera with PowerPoints

TED x U of Maryland
Multi Camera YouTube

Kiwanis Awards: 1 Camera Hybrid
Live Audience, Virtual Speaker, Zoom

MCAMW: Zoom &
Multi Camera with Remote Speaker

The Atlantic:
Multi Camera, Facebook

Chairman, JPMorgan Chase
Multi Camera

IDESG: 1 Camera
Picture in Picture PowerPoints

NOAA Live Stream
1 Camera, Picture in Picture

UnderArmour Live Stream
Q & A, 2 Cameras

Drone Demonstration

University of Arizona

Webcasting is a powerful way to communicate in today’s workplace.

MTI works with many of the largest streaming media distributors to provide you with the most dependable and cost effective worldwide distribution. This promises you world-class production and encoding commercial free, and privately branded streaming distribution.

Webcasting FAQ

Can you do Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and our website (white labeled) at the same time?2022-11-10T14:07:21-05:00

Yes, Metro Teleproductions Inc (MTI) has the ability to simultaneously stream to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twittter as well as create a white-labeled stream that can be embedded on your website. Whenever possible we aim for redundancy to give your audience the choice and for backup purposes in case of failure.

Can these be embedded on our website?2022-11-10T14:07:06-05:00

Yes, all of these platforms can be placed on a website.

Can we require a password?2022-11-10T14:06:50-05:00

Yes, depending on which platform you choose.

Are there analytics? If so what type?2022-11-10T14:06:36-05:00

Analytics can vary, depending on the platform. Some offer the number of views, others get more granular, such as how long they have watched.

Can you incorporate PowerPoints into the live stream? If so, how?2022-11-10T14:06:22-05:00

Yes, we can display them a multitude of ways. We can create a template where both the slides and the speaker are viewed side-by-side, or view the slides full screen or picture in picture, or any combination thereof. We recommend practicing standard PowerPoint etiquette, avoiding tiny text or very crowded slides.

Do you have the ability to use video clips in the webcast/virtual event?2022-11-10T14:06:07-05:00

Yes, we can. It’s important to get us the video ahead of time, if possible. Audio levels can be different from video clip to video clip and they have to be synched up with the level of the actual webcast.

Can we get a copy of the event?2022-11-10T14:05:50-05:00

Yes, MTI routinely archives all events that it produces. An MP4 of the event can be sent thru the cloud or the full resolution video can be transferred on site.

We would like to identify some of the speakers, how can we do that?2022-11-10T14:05:36-05:00

Graphics can be switched into the live stream, including a title slate, lower thirds, a “Please Stand By” slate, etc.

We would like to incorporate Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/etc. into our event. Can you do that?2022-11-10T14:05:21-05:00

Its important in the pre-planning stages to know which of these platforms need to be incorporated into the live event. It is recommended that some type of testing is done prior to the event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If a presenter cant be present how do they participate in the event?2022-11-10T14:05:04-05:00

A remote presenter can be incorporated in a variety of ways – Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft, StreamYard, VMix, etc. The best option depends on what you want out of your event in terms of branding, PowerPoints, video, audience participation and Q&A.

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