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Video production is an art and a science. It can be inherently creative, analytical, technical, often complicated and challenging. Our approach to video production is to effectively integrate all aspects of a project in order to (1) fully understand the purpose and scope of the production, (2) utilize the appropriate creative and technical tools for the job, and (3) work efficiently from both time and cost perspectives.

We have created video content for virtually every type of production including television programs, documentaries, commercials, corporate and government videos, internet, advocacy and political campaigns, training and education, special events, art galleries and museums, and others.

Video Production FAQ

Why would I need a professional video?2022-08-08T14:44:58-04:00

It can help publicize your company, add dimension to your website and bring your content to life. Many searchers and website visitors have an expectation that video will be available to view, either on social media or on a website.

How much will video production cost?2022-08-08T14:45:17-04:00

The cost is determined by many different factors, including days of shooting, locations, script writing, graphics and animation, voice overs and days of editing.

What types of businesses can benefit from professional video production?2022-08-08T14:45:33-04:00

We work with all different types of clients, Fortune 500, non-profits, associations, small companies, and individuals.

As the business owner or promoter, do I need to be on camera?2022-08-08T14:45:50-04:00

Not necessarily. Sometimes soundbites from company owners or representatives can be helpful to convince prospective clients, but your voice can be used without the need for your going on camera, or you can be on camera for five seconds to identify yourself and then the voice over can continue as other visuals are presented.

Should I use a professional narrator in my video production?2022-08-08T14:46:06-04:00

MTI uses a variety of narrator types. A narrator can cost $500 and up depending on their credentials. A professional narration will enhance your final product. We normally work hand in hand with the client to find the best narrator for the project.

Can I use popular music in my video production?2022-08-08T14:46:20-04:00

Music rights fees can be tricky. MTI has access to library music which will improve the final video. If you are using the video at a presentation that is not streamed, the answer is yes you can use whatever you want; however, if you are posting your video on YouTube or other social media, the answer is no.

Should I incorporate animations in my video?2022-08-08T14:46:34-04:00

Not every project requires animation. The short answer is that budget plays a key role in deciding whether you can utilize animations in a video. Animating a logo can be relatively simple. It’s when you get into full scale animations that the budget can grow quickly.

How long will it take to produce my video?2022-08-08T14:46:48-04:00

MTI works with all different types time deadlines. For example, with Under Armour, we shot a guided tour of the facility, and edited overnight for presentation on a live webcast. For another corporate client we covered a conference and edited it overnight, so it was shown on the final day of a conference. For other videos it can range anywhere from three days or more. Meeting your deadline will depend on how complicated the video is, how quickly a sign off on the final script can be obtained, time to include possible voiceover talent, and final editing time.

How will my audience access and view my video?2022-08-08T14:47:02-04:00

Many options are available. The video can be posted and accessible on Facebook, YouTube, or the client website. Other options to consider include establishing a Vimeo account where videos can be stored and links generated.

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