Conference Video Production, Webcasting, and Corporate Videos

Conference Video Production, Webcasting, and Corporate Videos2023-01-09T11:47:19-05:00

The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint – PBS Documentary

HBO Pilot (Hillary Clinton)

Béisbol: The Latin Dream Pilot

Metro Teleproductions, Inc., provides Video ProductionWebcastingLive Stream and Virtual Events Production services in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have a reputation for creative and production excellence. We’ve worked on television programs, documentaries, commercials, corporate and government videos, advocacy, training and education, special events and so much more! Call on us for flexibility and expertise!

ENG / EFP Crews

  • Half-Day / Full-Day Rates
  • 10-hr day, portal to portal

Multi-Camera Switches in the Field

  • MTI has several qualified Directors and TDs
  • 2 to 4 camera options with intercom and Kipro and Samurai hard drives.


  • MTI was selected 2 years in a row to assemble a team of over 50 crew members by Bard Entertainment for Discovery Health’s TV show,“Birthday Live” at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD.

Webcasting: live and video on demand capabilities

  • MTI specializes in live webcasting from hotels, conferences centers, board rooms, and more.
  • We have the ability to have multiple displays – one screen for PowerPoint presentations, and one for the presenter

Video Production

  • MTI can write, shoot, produce, and edit videos from pre- through post-production, start to finish

Live U/Teradek

  • MTI has the ability to provide Live U’s and Teradeks for remote production when hard line internet is not available

Post-production Editing

  • We edit in Avid/Premiere and Final Cut

Your project is our top priority, no matter what …we will make sure that your production needs are met from pre-production to post.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns –please email us now!

Video Production, Webcasting & Camera Crewing FAQ

Does Metro Teleproductions Inc. work by the hour, half day or full day?2023-01-09T11:43:15-05:00

MTI normally works on either a full day, which is 10 hours portal to portal, or there are times we work a half-day on a single camera shoot, which is 5 hours portal to portal.

What are the travel policies for MTI jobs?2023-01-09T11:43:02-05:00

Travel within the Beltway mileage is not charged. If travel is outside the Beltway, then the IRS rate of $.56 per mile is charged.

Does MTI carry insurance?2023-01-09T11:42:38-05:00

MTI carries workman’s compensation insurance for all its workers on the job. In addition, MTI has a general liability policy.

What is the MTI policy on vaccination?2023-01-09T11:42:14-05:00

All the MTI workers are vaccinated. We understand that there will be some clients who are not vaccinated for a variety of reasons. We will follow all procedures on site to maintain a safe production.

If I send MTI an RFQ for a project or ask for a bid, how quickly will I receive an estimate?2023-01-09T11:41:57-05:00

MTI can turn around a bid very quickly. It all depends on the amount of information we receive about the job. We have turned around quotes for multi cam jobs in 1 hour. Other jobs can take 24 hours, or if there is a lot of information going back and forth about the job and the bid is more complex, it can take several days.

What are the payment terms for MTI?2023-01-09T11:41:40-05:00

Normal payment terms are net 30. We accept payment by check, Pay Pal, Cash App and Venmo. We do accept credit card payments but ask that 3% be added to cover the business cost of the transaction.

What does as crew consist of for a job?2023-01-09T11:39:41-05:00

It really depends on the nature of the job. For example, if B-roll is needed it would just be a cameraman. If interviews are required, an audio engineer is helpful. If the client needs someone to ask questions or supervise the shoot, then MTI would supply a Field Producer/Director. For a Virtual Event/Webcast, a Director/TD/Encoding Tech is mandatory. Due to budget, most often one person does three jobs. Other positions may include, gaffer, grip, or make up, as needed.

Do I own the material from the job?2023-01-09T11:39:27-05:00

MTI is happy to supply the client with all raw footage if needed. If the client supplies a drive, we will transfer the material free of charge.

What is MTI’s availability for last minute jobs?2023-01-09T11:39:08-05:00

MTI is known for the ability to work on last minute jobs. If we have the proper information, the work can be covered.

Is there a charge for a consultation about work by MTI?2023-01-09T11:38:47-05:00

Normally there are no charges for any inquiries about a potential job. If a request is made for an estimate, that is free of charge. That would also include a site survey. Once we are hired, then the normal billing applies.

How does MTI bill?2023-01-09T11:38:34-05:00

It depends on the project, if it’s a one-day shoot, the bill is sent out after the completion of a job and as noted above is net 30. If it is a larger job or new client, then a deposit may be required.

Where will MTI provide services ?2023-01-09T11:38:08-05:00

Most of MTI’s work is in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. However, we have provided services for clients all over the country. For example, there are times when MTI will send out one key person, who will then assemble hired local crew members – this arrangement can help to keep budget costs in line with goals.

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