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Webcasting Services in Washington, DC

Webcasting is a powerful way to communicate in today’s workplace. MTI works with many of the largest streaming media distributors to provide you with the most dependable and cost effective worldwide distribution. This promises you world-class production and encoding commercial free, and privately branded streaming distribution.

Simple conferences, meetings to muti-day events, we are ready to assist you with our host of webcasting services for all your webcasting and video needs. We are able to capture, encode and stream video in a wide variety of formats.


  • Live Meetings, Conferences, Events
  • Multi-Camera Production
  • Open and Closed-Captioning
  • Synchronized Power-Point and Video
  • Multi-Bitrate Encoding
  • Webcast Post Production, Editing, Graphics
  • Streaming to mobile devices

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Questions for webcast production & pricing:

  • How long is the event?
  • How many cameras? (most are 1 or 2)
  • How many expected viewers (amount of bandwidth affects the cost)
  • Are there PowerPoints?
  • If so do you want the PowerPoints side by side with the video or is one screen ok, that means you see either the PowerPoints or the presenter
  • For government only ** Are you 508, i.e do you need captioning?
  • Do you just need a link?
  • Or do you want a customized web page?
  • Do you require “Chat” or “Twitter”?
  • Do you want live event registration?
  • Do you require live “ask a question”?
  • What about video on demand, is it required?
  • Are you going to host? or do you just want either:
    • a) playable dvd;
    • b) file