Producing Audio and Video for an Of-the-Moment Podcast

Metro Teleproductions was contracted by the British publication The Telegraph to record a one-hour special installment of it’s daily podcast, Ukraine: The Latest. The event took place at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. The podcast has been been airing every day since the invasion began. Said host David Knowles, the subject was “not a series on Netflix, it’s not a video game….it’s people’s lives.”

Adding an extra dimension of urgency, the audio track had to be sent to the client in England that evening. And as there were five speakers on the panel, plus a question-and-answer section, a multitrack recording had to be produced. That’s where the Behringer x32 audio board came in very handy. Video was sent later for the YouTube broadcast.

Video Production Tech & Crew

Similarly, five Sony 7 FS cameras covered the panel and the audience. The Blackmagic ATEM-2 switcher handled all the various inputs. Multiple lavalier and handheld mics captured each speaker, and Aperture lights brightened the spacious room.

The crew included director John Bogley, camera operators John Murphy, Shawn Chadwick, and Jamie Sides, with audio engineer Josh Roberts, and media manager/second audio Analee Wong.

The MTI crew were able to swiftly set up the complicated shoot for the timely podcast and get the sound and video to the client on time so that it could be heard and viewed around the world.

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