MTI streaming technician -- and so much more -- Analee Wong.

MTI streaming technician — and so much more — Analee Wong.

The Internet created may new roles for modern production. One of the most important is “Streaming Technician,” the person in charge of making sure that your event actually goes out and is seen by the people who need and want to see it.

Analee Wong is Metro Teleproductions’ newest team member, but an experienced and essential professional in her own right. As Analee notes, she has “performed many roles in production including: Tele Prompter operator, jib tech, grip, drone camera operator, production assistant, and editor.”

Analee has been streaming for two years on a variety of productions, from single-camera Zoom/Microsoft Teams meetings to large-crew commercial productions involving multiple cameras and live-keying. Often, these productions happen in remote locations requiring specialized equipment to connect to the Internet and broadcast a stream. Analee has broadcast to all the major CDNs (Content Delivery Networks): Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Or course, like all MTI staff and crew, Analee is fully vaccinated and adheres to all of the Covid-19 protocols.

Welcome aboard, Analee!

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