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Nuclear Innovation Alliance Video Crew for Press Briefing

Shawn Chadwick of Metro Teleproductions Inc (MTI) was the videographer for a briefing on the Hill in Russell 325. Chadwick working with the Panasonic AGDVX 200 for the Nuclear Innovation Alliance .

The briefing discussed “In Search of a SpaceX for Nuclear Energy.” discuss how lessons from NASA’s public-private partnerships could be used in the advanced nuclear power industry . MTI supplies video crews on the hill for single camera, multi camera switches as well as live streaming

Dr. Ashley Finan is the executive director of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance and led the briefing to discuss the recent report. Chadwick taped the briefing, did some post production editing which included putting in lower 1/3. The event is now available on the Nuclear Innovation Alliance Website.

The NIA’s mission is to support entrepreneurialism and accelerated innovation and commercialization of advanced nuclear energy systems to bring more economically competitive zero-carbon emission energy to the world.

The NIA’s activities include: 

Identifying immediate problems and performing technically-informed action research to address them with policies, programs, and funding, mainly at the U.S. federal level, to support nuclear energy systems innovation and commercialization. 

For more information about the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, please go to their website

The NIA is a non profit organization established to lead advanced nuclear energy innovation. The organization assembles companies, investors, experts and stakeholders to advance nuclear energy innovation and enable innovation reactor commercialization through favorable energy policy and funding. Its participants and experts, research, develop and advocate policies that enable the efficient licensing and timely early-stage demonstration of advanced reactor technologies

MTI is currently in its 30th year of operation covering the District, Maryland and Virginia.  We work for non profits, asssociations, Fortune 500 companies  spanning the spectrum of  Video  Production as well as Live Streaming. Dave Lilling is the owner of Metro Teleproductions

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