Metro Teleproductions Inc ( is pleased to be presenting a live webcast at 1:00 pm for the DC Housing Authority in Downtown Washington DC.

The event will be streamed from the Housing Authority’s headquarters at 1133 N.Capitol Street NE in Washington DC.

This is the Board meeting of the Commissioners.  The webcast will take place on Facebook  the direct link is

The live stream webcast will be conducted as a 3 camera switch with Director/TD Joey Ruffini and Audio Engineer/Streaming Tech Will Urquhart .  The 3 cameras will consist of 2 robotic cameras and 1 lockdown camera.  The 2 robotic cameras will consist of a safe shot of the 13 DCHA Board of Commissioners and the 2nd robotic camera will be used to select which of the commissioners is speaking at the time. The 3rd unmanned camera will be utilized in the webcast as a reversal shot at the public comment table in front of the commissioners. MTI will supply a Black Magic ATEM 2 switcher, and a MacBook Encoder using Wirecast for the Facebook Live Webcast.

As usual MTI double records the switched feed of the webcast.

The audio will consist of 14 microphones, 1 each for the 13 commissioners and 1 for the public comment table. The shure microphones are all push to talk which enhances the audio quality for the webcast.

We will be using the natural light in the room complying with DCHA for a small footprint during the webcast.

Hubert Thon of DCHA is supplying a hardline internet circuit to meet the specifications for live streaming on Facebook

The agenda includes the approval of minutes from the February 12th Board of Commissioners meeting and the Executive Directors report (Tyrone Garrett).

After the report there will be public comment on Resolution 20-04 to approve the Fifth Amendment to the Amended and Restated Moving to Work (MTW) Agreement between HUD and DCHA, which includes the description of the resolution and Board Action of the Resolution.

Also there is Resolution 20-05 which authorizes the Executive Director to Implement District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Requirements for District Funded Procurements. This includes description of the resolution and Board Action of the Resolution.

At that point public comment will be invited.

After the public comment there will be announcements and then adjournment.  This meeting is governed by the Open Meetings Act, please address any questions or complaints arising under this meeting to the Office of Open Government at

Resolutions can be accessed on the DCHA website at

Metro Teleproductions Inc is in its 31st year of operations, providing full service video production and webcasting in Washington DC.  MTI began its webcasting services in 1998 and specializes in conferences and meetings. 

We can stream on YouTube,Facebook as well as providing a platform for our clients should they desire it.   In addition we have the ability to incorporate powerpoints into our webcasts either as full pages or picture in picture. 

MTI can also supply chat and other features on as needed basis. We are always available to answer any questions at 301-608-9077 or email #Facebook Live , #MTI, #