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A look back at Camera Crews for MSG as Caps try to move on in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Washington Capitals are attempting to defend their Stanley Cup Championship.  If they defeat the Carolina Hurricanes then they will host the New York Islanders.  On the last Saturday of the season, Tony Winthrop supplied video production for MSG.  Winthrop was the locker room Cameraman for MSG on their pre game skate as well as the postgame coverage in the Islanders room. 

Winthrop used a Sony XDCam 800 with camera light and wireless microphone.  MTI has worked for MSG for the past 12 years with video services in the Washington DC region.  We have worked on the MSG telecasts of the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils

Normally MTI arrives at the truck in time for the pre game skate which is between 930 and 1030 am est.  The interviews are recorded and then edited in the truck for use in the pre game show which is produced in the truck one half hour before the start of the game.

When the game is completed as soon as the Islanders open the locker room, Winthrop accompanies Shannon Hogan to begin the post game process.

MTI is currently in its 30 year of operation providing video production in the Washington DC region.

We work with a variety of gear from Sony XDCAM to Canon C300 Mark II, Sony FS 7’s as well as the Panasonic AGDVX 200. 

With the Islanders already in the 2nd round via their sweep of Pittsburgh, they will be well rested to take on the Caps.   Games One and Two will be at the Capital One arena, with an off day in between. Games 3 and 4 will be in Brooklyn at the Barclays arena.  Game 5 will be back at the Verizon Center, Game 6 returns to Barclays if needed and the final game of the series will be hosted by the Caps

Rock the Potomac features Video Production of “The Bayou DC’s Killer Joint

In 1998 the legendary Bayou Nightclub closed after 45 years of operation. It featured the 1st club show in the United States of U-2. The Dave Matthews Band played the club many times in their early days, and Hootie and the BlowFish regularly was featured at the club. Foreigners 1st club date was also at the Bayou. The club also showcased a rare small venue date by KISS

In 2013, Metro Teleproductions Inc produced a film called “The Bayou, DC’s Killer Joint” which first aired on Maryland Public Television, then on WETA, WHUT as well as 90 PBs affiliates. The 87 minute documentary which was Produced and Written by Bill Scanlan, Vinnie Perrone and Dave Nuttycombe, graphics by Dick Bangham of Rip Bang Productions, edited by Bill Parks of Dominion Post was seen by over 100,000 viewers across the country. It was nominated for a local Emmy Award and won a documentary award from the Kingston Film Festival in New York. MTI provided all of the video production on the film, camera crew video crew etc

Mark Opasnick has just written “ROCK THE POTOMAC”, a comprehensive history of popular music in the the Washington DC area from Colonial times to the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. ROCK THE POTOMAC has a chapter on the Bayou .

Metro Teleproductions Inc, started production on the film 2 months before the closing of the club. We shot many acts making there final appearance at the venue which was located at 3135 K St NW in Washington DC. Author Stephen King’s Rock Bottom Remainders, which featured Amy Tan Dave Barry, Simpsons creator Matt Groening. The final performance on December 31st 1998 the headliner was the group “Everything” which had a hit single “Hooch” which was featured in the Adam Sandler movie “Waterboy”. The single cracked Billboards Top 10

MTI documented the final days of the club and spent years interviewing artists such as Dave Mason, Meatloaf, Paul Kantner. It was truly a labor of love.

Bullets to Bandage Video Production for Dr. Mark Terris

Metro Teleproductions Inc provided video production for Mark Terris.

Dr. Mark Terris is an American born whose family moved to Israel when he was in high school. He then joined the Israeli army. At age 18 he then started taking notes about his experience in the military.

35 years later he finished the book and published it.  Its called Bullets to Bandages.  Xlibris  provided the publishing platform. MTI provided video production services by editing a promotional piece for the project.
The video link is

Mark is currently an ear nose and throat doctor at Kaiser Permanente in Maryland

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is a renowned fighting force. It has defended a young vulnerable country from repeated attacks. In the process, it has produced great generals and statesmen. Bullets to Bandages is set in the late 1970s, at a time when many Western armies viewed the IDF as a heroic and idealistic force.

Bullets to Bandages explores the daily life inside the Israel Defense Forces. These are true stories that center on the experiences of four Israeli soldiers–me and three close friends–and provide the reader with an intimate view of life in the Israeli army, the meaning of army friendships, and our own coming-of-age.

Life in the IDF is in many ways similar to other armies with a lot of chicken shit–annoying military nonsense. Good shoe-polishing skills are valued over combat readiness. Soldiers are chronically sleep-deprived, often standing for midnight inspections and enduring nightlong stretcher marches. And yet there is a more humane side. Everyone, regardless of rank, is addressed by his or her first name. Commanders lead by example, not by threat. Beneath the uniform, soldiers are eighteen- to twenty-one-year-old men and women, still fighting acne and constantly fantasizing about sex.

You will witness the induction experience, which transformed us from teenagers into serial numbers. Other experiences included basic training (paratrooping, artillery, and air force), with the unique traditions of each corps. We evolved from new recruits, to sergeant-major slaves, to combat medic students, and finally to commanders. Along the way, we internalized, accepted, and eventually perpetuated the IDF’s traditions.

Life in the Israel Defense Forces is not always fun. The physical hardships are real, and the stress challenges your resolve and morale. As young men, we did not verbally express our feelings, which were often tainted by our raging hormones, but broadcasted them through our actions. Humor and friendship allowed us to thrive in this environment. We matured and ultimately put our hearts and souls into the Israel Defense Forces, and this is the true secret behind the IDF’s success.

Terris recently did a national book tour, which  covered the East coast to the West Coast

The video is being used to promote Marks book to major publishers

The video link is

Video Services for Johns Applied Physics NASA NEWSER – NEW HORIZONS & ULTIMA THULE ROCK

MTI wants to salute all our friends who work at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Metro Teleproductions Inc, has worked with JHUAPL for the past 15 years supplying video services ,this week the focus is on the space probe New Horizons, which last night flew by Ultima Thule, an icy rock floating about a billion miles beyond Pluto.  At over four billion miles from Earth, Ultima Thule is the most distant object ever explored (by Earthlings, at least). 

A huge shout out to John Obrien, Neil Reubenstein, Ben Wong, David Vespoint , Jim Harris some of the great staffers at JHU APL who we have provided Video Production over the past 15 years. Depending on the situation MTI will provide production personnel or video equipment depending on the type of job. MTI is celebrating its 30th year of operations in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia region

Today was a final press conference at the Kossiakoff Center In Laurel, Md.


From CNN:
Mission scientists from NASA and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory have confirmed that the New Horizons spacecraft conducted a flyby of Ultima Thule, a Kuiper Belt object that’s a billion miles beyond Pluto.
Although the flyby occurred at 12:33 a.m. ET on Tuesday, the spacecraft is so far from Earth that the “phone-home” signal didn’t reach us until about 10:30 a.m. ET.
Mission scientists were relieved about the success because there was only one chance to get it right as New Horizons screamed past Ultima at 31,500 miles per hour. This incredible feat was possible because thousands of operations on the spacecraft worked in sync.

“We’ve just accomplished the most distant flyby,” mission operations manager Alice Bowman said. “This science will help us understand the origins of our solar system.”
New Horizons has also sent back a first look at Ultima Thule — taken from half a million miles out, so pardon the pixels.
This is the best look scientists have ever had at Ultima. Before, they saw it as only a single pixel.