DIY Streaming: Can Your Phone Handle a Pro Event?

Cellphones can do many things. Streaming your event shouldn't be one of them.

Cellphones can do many things. Streaming your event shouldn’t be one of them.

As cell phones continue to evolve and improve, it’s easy to imagine your mobile device is capable of just about anything. However, it’s important to understand that there is more to streaming on Facebook and YouTube then just holding up your phone and hitting “stream.”

The Audio Problem

Yes, it has become very simple to send out video streams, but many factors affect a professional-looking webcast or live stream event. For instance, the importance of audio is not to be underestimated. Even the best phones like the upcoming iPhone 14 and the current Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S22 are insufficient in sound quality for most types of live events.

Picture-in-Picture, Remote Speakers, and Presentations
Some aspects of video production add a level of professionalism and cohesiveness that allows your viewer to better absorb and retain the information you present. The ability to weave together segments such as remote speakers or presentation screens from software applications creates a rich and memorable experience for your audience. Picture-in-picture can also be used to connect information in meaningful ways, but cannot be accomplished with standard video capability on mobile devices.

Your Long-Term Reputation
What it comes down to is what are you trying to accomplish? If you desire a professional level of quality and truly want people to watch the stream, you’ll want to think ahead. The video will likely reside on your channels indefinitely and be viewable in the future by customers and potential clients. That video quality should accurately reflect your brand professionalism.

Professional Talent and Equipment
Since your mobile device seems good enough, it’s easy to want to cut corners for cost. But you care about your brand and the longevity of your online presence. From Live U’s, Teradek Cubes, MacBook Encoders, Tricasters, Epipan Pearl and Nano, and of course Zoom, Streamyard, etc., virtual events are here to stay. Professional camera crews and video production teams are familiar with services and experienced with equipment. They’ve developed expertise through many events and webcasts, and will be able to efficiently and effectively support you in representing your brand professionally while also putting forth engaging content in a memorable way. One possibility is renting the equipment, but you still won’t have that expert talent there to handle a tough question or challenging moment when those arise.

Getting Estimates
Discovering the best path forward with DIY webcasting or video streaming may seem tough, but it’s not. Compare the look and quality of a few of your own videos (take samples and post privately to test) with a few professional demos from sites of select video production or camera crew websites in your area. Consider the time and effort required on your part, versus their estimates -– you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective hiring a professional will be for your video project!

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